Energy Efficiency

Take advantage of our technical and creative expertise to meet your company's objectives in terms of saving energy consumption.

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A team of passionate and experienced experts, at your disposal, to bring out innovative and creative ideas, in order to set up original and sharp digital solutions..

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Our Swift Support and Service cover the entire life cycle of a customer, providing high quality service through specialized resources..

Continuous Innovation

Enable organizations to gain competitive advantages through strategic and measured changes.

R & D : research and development

Benefit from our technical and creative expertise to ensure your goals.

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Consutling :

We help strengthen the competitive edge of organizations by designing lean and agile structures and optimizing human capital.

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Training & Coaching :

We offer a set of training courses around the applications and tools we develop, tailored to users' profiles and their level of expertise.

Who we are

IZEM Consulting

Is a startup of digital services and engineering consulting,

specializing in the design of management systems and digital monitoring in real time. Its core business is focused on two key components : VisualMetric Energy & VisualMetric Environment.

VisualMetric - Energy :

Is a web and mobile platform for managing and monitoring energy consumption. It is an innovative and scalable solution to optimize the energy approach, thanks to the power of its algorithms and the simplicity of its use. Adopting this tool saves up to 20% on the energy bill and increases the productivity of the responsible teams.

VisualMetric - Environnement :

Is a web and mobile platform for managing and monitoring the loading rates of industrial, liquid or gaseous discharges. Intelligent sensors placed at the output of manufacturing units take exact levels of toxins, heavy metals, and other measurements of physical or chemical data from atmospheric releases or liquid discharges.

This maes it possible to ensure a real-time control of said realeases, and to comply with standards and laws in force in this area.

At the same time, IZEM Consulting develops specific web and mobile applications for its highly demanding customers.

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